is Admaven legit: CPM Rate & Payment Proof 2024?

So friends, in today’s time it has become tough to choose the right ad network for your blog website, however today I will tell you all about, the Admaven website that may be right for you.

in today’s blog post, I will tell you about Ad Maven Ad Network and talk about some of its features, CPM rates, Payout Methods, and more. So let’s get into it.

Is Admaven Legit?

So first of all if we talk about the AdMaven network then it is a legitimate website that you can use. People have been using this website for a long time and it is a very trusted website.

What is Admaven?

Ad Maven is a publisher ad network website just like Google Adsense. With its help, you can monetize your website using display ads and you will get paid in return. Along with the website, you can also monetize your mobile app. 

Let’s move ahead and know about the features that make it special.


  • Full Coverage – In ad maven, you get full coverage of ads, which means that if traffic is coming to your website from anywhere, you will see ads on it.
  • High CPM – Compared to other ad networks, you get good high CPM rates in this, which increases your earnings.
  • Easy Integration – It is very easy to use and integrate on your website with a few simple steps.
  • Clean Ads Formats – The ads of this ad network look very clean and good, which keeps the user interface of your website good. 
  • Payout Methods – in the ad maven payouts method, you get all the options that are used worldwide, I will tell you about it in detail below.
is admaven legit
is admaven legit

Ad Formats 

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Pop Ads 
  • Push Notification
  • Smart Links (Social traffic)
  • Content Locker

CPM Rates

Ad Maven is one of the best ad networks that give you high Cpm rates on every traffic. It all depends on the niche and traffic of your website. In tier 1 countries you can get up to $6 per 1000 views, and in tier 3 countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh you can get a minimum of $0.8 per 1000 views.

Payment Methods

In Ad Maven, you get to see payments that are supported worldwide and its minimum payout is also low which is $50 and it automatically pays you every month. I have made a table with details about its payment method and minimum payout which you can see below.

Payout MethodMinimum Payout
Paxum $30
Wire Transfer$800
Admaven Payment Methods
admaven payment method
admaven payment methods

Admaven Requirements

As you all know how difficult it is to join any ad network, you need traffic for that, but in this ad network you do not need any traffic, any new website owner can join this ad network. Its sign-up process is also very easy, which anyone can do.

Join Admaven

To use this ad network you have to create an account on it. Below I’ve given you step by step to create an account on admaven. Just follow the process shown below.

  • Step 1 – First visit the Ad Maven Homepage and select the Publisher option.
  • Step 2 – Fill in all your details, like name, email, and password then click on the “SIGN UP” button.
  • Step 3 – Verify your Email by clicking on the link sent by Admaven on your email account.
admaven signup
admaven signup


here below are some of the best alternatives for the Admaven Ad network.

Final Verdict:  

So friends, today we learned about adMaven, what it is and what its features are, CPM Rates, payment method,  and whether we should use it or not. So if you still want to know any information related to this A network or have any questions then comment below, and I will reply to you.

Bikkey Munda
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