Monetag Review: is monetagads legit? Payment Proof 2024

So friends, today it has become very difficult to earn money from a website, where you are not getting AdSense approval. So in today’s post, I will tell you all about the Monetag ad network and how it works, can it be a good network for all of you?

Today I will explain its features, CPM rates, payment methods, and payment proof.

Now let us know further what is Monetag and how it works.

What is Monetag? 

Monetag is an ad network that helps you monetize your website. This old trusted ad network is very good for new website owners and any new beginner can join it. Joining this website for retirement is much less. you don’t need to have high traffic to get approval, Even a new website gets approved easily.

monetag review
is monetag legit

Details: Monetag

Domain Registered2012-12-25
Minimum Payout$100
CategoryAd Network
LocatedArizona, USA
Monetag details

Is Monetag legit?

So, friend, Monetag is a legitimate ad network with the help of which users are earning from their website traffic. This is a very trusted and well-used ad network by people.

Now let’s move ahead and you will know what its features are and how you can use them.


You get to see many features in Monetag, which I have mentioned below.

  • Real-Time Dashboard – In Monetag, you get to see a real-time dashboard from where you can see the traffic and earnings coming to your website in real-time.
  • Many Ad Formats – You get to see all types of ad formats you can use on your website. you get to see pop-under, banners, native direct ads, and all other ads.
  • Support Worldwide Traffic – It is good that no matter where your website is from, every kind of website is approved in Monitor and you will earn if traffic comes from anywhere in the world.
  • Clean & Safe Ads – Its ad formats are very clean, your website looks good and the user interface also remains good which makes a difference in your SEO.
  • On-Time Fast Payout –  you get to see Weekly Payment and Monthly Payment options which you can Withdraw through many ways.

Ad Formats

  • PopUnder 
  • Native Direct Ads 
  • Interstitial mobile ads 
  • Dialogue ads/Push-up ads for mobile 
  • Banner advertising for all standard-size
  • Push notification ads
monetag ad formates
monetag ad formats

CPM Rates

Talking about the CPM rates of this ad network, you get a see good eCPM in it as compared to other ad networks. It is a very good alternative to Google Adsense. Because the CPM rates also depend on the country from which the traffic is coming, so if your traffic is coming from Tier 1 countries( like USA, UK, Australia), then you can see CPM rates of up to $6 per 1000 Ad Views. 

But if your traffic is coming from Tier 3  countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan then you will get to see $0.5 to $2 per 1000 Views. And that’s very Low.

Monetag high CPM country list

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Newzealand
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • UAE

Payment Methods

So let’s move ahead and know through which mediums you can transfer your earned money to your account. Monetag payout system is very good, you get to see many types of payout methods that are used all over the world. 

Payout MethodMinimum Payout
Online Banking$500
Wire Transfer$500
Webmoney Z$100
Payment Methods

Payment Proof

Pros and Cons:

So just like other advertising networks this also has some horse and cons so let’s see it.


  • Trusted Platform
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Clean Ads
  • On-Time Payout
  • Easy Approval 
  • Support All Traffic


  • Minimum Payout is $100
  • Cannot use it Alongside Adsense
  • Low CPM rates for Teir3 Countries 


To get approval in Monetag, you do not have any requirement of traffic, you can easily apply and get approval, but if your website has adult and malware content then you will not get approval.

Trustpilot: Monetag got some really bad reviews on Trustpilot. on over 114 Reviews people rated it a 2.8-star rating which is so poor for this ad network. many users commented this website is a scam. you can check it here.

monetag trustpilot

Final Verdict:

 So friends, today we learned what is monetag and its payment method, CPM rates, and payment proof. If you have any other questions related to this, then comment below, and I will reply to your comment.

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