Clickadu Ad network review: Cpm Rates & Payment Method 2024?

So friends, if you want to increase your earnings and are looking for a good pop-under ad network, then this review can be for you because, in today’s blog, I will tell you all about ClickAdu Ad Network and will talk about some of its features, CPM rates, Payout Methods, and Payment Proof.

Before that I want to tell you all about myself, I have been in the blogging field for a long time and have tested many ad networks, so this review is written after testing it by myself.

What is ClickAdu?

ClickAdu is an ad network available for both publishers and advertisers. With its help, you can advertise your business and at the same time, you can also earn money by placing its ads on your website traffic. 

Click Auto was founded in 2014 and since then this company has started doing business all over the world. With ClickAdu you can monetize traffic from anywhere in the world.

It is especially famous for its popunder ads and you get a good CPM in it too compared to banner ads. 

is clickadu legit
Clickadu Review


Domain Registered2014-10-24
Ad TypeCPM,CPC, Banner
Minimum Payout$5
CategoryAd Network
LocatedCzech Republic
Clickadu details

Is Clickadu Legit?

So ClickAdu is a legitimate network and I came to know this after researching many websites and using it myself. This website has been working for a long time and it provides payment to its users, whose payment proof is given below.


Now let us know further what are the features of ClickAdu and know about their benefits in detail.

  • High CPM Rates –  Compared to other ad networks, you get higher rates in this, which is a very good thing.
  • Real-Time Dashboard – You get to see a real-time dashboard so that you can monitor your Earnings & traffic without any delay.
  • 100% Fill Rate – A hundred percent fill rate means that if there is traffic to your website from anywhere, they will see ads every time, no matter how many times they open your page.
  • User Interface – ClickAdu is very easy to use because its user interface has been designed very well so that you do not face any problems with its navigation.
  • Clean Ads – The banner ads that you get to see on ClicAdu are very clean and neat, which keeps the look and user interface of your website good.
  • Payout On Time  – Its system of making automatic payments on time is also very good, you get the payment on net15 and net30 per month. 

Ad Formats: 

  • Banner
  • Push Ads
  • In-Page Push Ads
  • Pop Under
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Instant Text Message 

CPM rates

ClickAdu is famous for its popunder ad format. You get to see better CPM rates in it as compared to other ad networks. You all must know that CPM rates depend on the traffic of the website, and from where the traffic is coming to that website. 

If your traffic comes from countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada then you will get to see good Earnings on your dashboard. But if the traffic to your website is coming from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, then your earnings will be very low.

Clickadu cpm rates
Clickadu cpm rates

Clickadu CPM rates are between $0.5 to $5, it depends on the Country of traffic. With Popunder you can get a minimum of $1- $2  per 1000 views on Tier1 traffic. Banner ads have low CPM rates in this ad network.

So let us see what are its payment methods through which you can withdraw your earned money.

Payment Method

Because Clickadu is used worldwide, you get to see such payment methods in it which are used all over the world and its minimum payout is also kept very low. It has an on-time automatic payment system on net15 and net30.

  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Paxum
  • Bank Wire

Pros and Cons:


  • High CPM
  • Clean Ads
  • On-Time Payment 


  • Not Easy to Approve
  • Minimum Payout is $50

Joining Requirements 

If your website has traffic then you will easily get approval for it, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get approval for it. ClickAdu supports all types of blog websites including gaming websites in which adult content and hacking-related content are not posted.

Clickadu Trustpilot

Friends, I’ve checked the clickadu review on TrustPilot and people have given this website 44 reviews with a rating of 3.8 stars which is a very good thing. clickadu is also a verified company on Trustpilot you can check it by clicking here.

clickadu trustpilot
clickadu Trustpilot


Customer Support

  • [email protected] 
  • Clickadu s.r.o.
  • Zenklova 32/28, Praha 8 – Libe, 180 00 , Czech Republic 
  • Tax ID number 04066260

Final Verdict:

In verdict, I only want to say that this is a very good ad network, if you want to maximize your revenue, this is the best ad Pop-under network for you. If you have any questions related to this ad network then do comment below I will reply to you.

Bikkey Munda
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