Popads.net legit? CPM, Payment Methods & Payment Proof 2024

So, friends, you will find many Ad networks in the market, but one ad network has been running for a very long time, whose name is Popads.net. 

So in today’s post, we will review this network and tell you whether it will be right for you, what are its payment methods, what its drawbacks are, and finally, we will tell you whether you should use it or not. 

Before moving forward, I have more than 2 years of experience in the blogging sector, with the help of which I am making this review and gathered a lot of information about the network from the internet. After that, I am writing this post.

Popads.net real or fake?

So, friends, Popads.net is a legitimate ad network that has provided payments to its people for a long time. I have also offered payment proof of this in this post below. 

Let’s move ahead and know what is Popads.net how it works and some more information related to it.

What is Popads & How it works?

Popads.net is a Pop-Under ad network that has been available in the blogging industry for a long time and people consider it a very trusted platform. This company was formed in 2010 and its office is currently available in Poland City, United States. 

Let us know further how it works and how you will get money by doing it. As the name suggests, this must be a pop ad network and that is true.

popads.net review

So when you put it on your website, whatever traffic comes to your website, they get a pop-up ad and in return, they give you money. 

It is very easy to join this website and you do not have any major requirements to join the website. So let us know what are the features of this website that make this website special and why people like it.

Details: Popads

Domain Registered2010-05-16
Ad TypeCPM
Minimum Payout$5
CategoryAd Network
Popads details


On this website, you get to see many features like daily payout, referral earnings, and good CPM and there are many other things that you will get to know about below.

  • Realtime Dashboard – In Popads, you get to see a very easy user interface, it also looks clean and accessible.
  • Easy Joining – The most special thing that I like about this website is that you do not need any kind of traffic to join this website. Any new website can easily join this network and use it.
  • Good CPM – In popat.net you get to see good ECpm rates which are very good as compared to other Pop Under ad networks.
  • Referral Earnings: You will earn 10% of referred publishers revenue
  • Payment Methods – You will find a wide variety of payment methods that are used all over the world. The minimum payout is only $5.

Payment Method

Let us know about its payment method and in which way you will be able to transfer your earned money. the minimum payout you get to see is $5 which you can withdraw with the help of Paypal daily. In some payment methods, you get to see the chargers and in some, you don’t get any. 

Payment Method Payout MinimumTiming
Paypal $5 -$10,000Daily
Direct Swift Transfer$2000Weekly
Bitcoin Wallet$5 -$10,000Daily
Webmoney$5 – $2000Daily
Ethereum (ETH)$15 – $10,000Daily
Ripple (XRP)$15 – $10,000Daily
DogeCoin $15 – $10,000Daily
Litecoin (LTC)$15 -$10,000Daily
Tether (USDT)$5 -$10,000Daily
Payment Methods
popads.net payment methods
popads.net payment methods

Payment Proof

After personal usage and lots of research on the internet, I found out this ad network provides payment to its users. I have given you its payment proof in the link below where you can see it here.


Pros and Cons

As every ad network has some good and some bad things, similarly this ad network also has some things to know about.


  • Trusted Network
  • Daily Payout
  • No joining Requirement 


  • Low CPM Rates

Requirements for Getting Approval

The best thing about this ad network is that you don’t need any traffic to join this ad network. Even a new website can join this network. Getting approval is very easy, first, you have to create an account on this website and submit your site URL on the “Add site” option. That’s it. 

Popads.net register

Step 1 – First visit Popads.net Home Page.

Step 2 – Click on the Sign-Up button, as shown in the image below.

popads.net signup
popads.net signup

Step 3 – Fill up your all details and don’t forget to select Publisher as an option. Then Click the Register button.

Step 4 – Verify your Email, and Done you are now ready to use this ad network.

Final Verdict:

So guys, in today’s post I have given you all a review about profits.net and told you about its features, CPM rates, payment methods, and whether you should use it or not. So if you still want to know any information related to this truth or have any suggestions then comment below, and I will reply to your comment.

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